Double Mast Nautical Flagpole with Yardarm and Gaff Flagpole


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Double Mast Nautical Flagpole with Yardarm and Gaff Flagpole

The Double Mast Nautical aluminum flagpole provide the ability to fly the national flag with additional flags, pennants, or burgees. The topmost bracket, and the gaff and yardarm brackets, are fabricated from 6063-T6 aluminum tubing and plate, heliarc welded, and are finished to match the flagpole shaft. The resulting structure is one of beauty, strength, and authenticity, and is particularly appropriate in a nautical setting.





Concord flagpoles are made from all new, seamless 6063-T6 aluminum tubing, having a uniform conical taper of approximately 1″ in every 5′- 6″. Lowermasts up to 38′- 6″ in length can be fabricated in one piece and shipped via motor freight to almost any destination. Lengths requiring shipment in sections shall be factory fitted with a self-aligning internal sleeve which will facilitate field assembly without welding. Gaff, yardarm and uppermast are attached to the lowermast with fabricated aluminum fittings. Finish is the same as on the shaft.


All Concord flagpoles shall be highly polished with fine grain aluminum oxide cloths, resulting in a high quality deep luster finish. This new deep luster finish represents the ultimate in architectural finishes for aluminum flagpoles. The elegant soft sheen remains maintenance free. Each shaft shall be tire wrapped in protective paper, and shipped in a hard fiber tube to protect the finish. The unexposed portion of the shaft which will be below grade, shall be given a heavy coat of asphaltum paint.


Fittings listed below are standard with all double-mast nautical ground set:

Constructed of #14 Ga. aluminum, with a flush seam and gold anodized finish.

Cast aluminum, the standard truck shall be a single halyard, revolving, non-fouling type, complete with 26 stainless steel ball bearings and one 2 3/8″ diameter cast nylon sheave.

Four sets of #10 (5/16″) white waterproof polypropylene, each equipped with two chrome swivel snaps to secure the flag. (Other types of halyard material available.)

Four 9″ cast aluminum cleats with deep luster finish to match the shaft. Tamperproof stainless steel socket head bolts included.

The ornamental base or flash collar, shall be spun aluminum, Type FC-11. The diameter of the collar shall be at least 1 ” larger than the diameter of the foundation sleeve. The finish shall be deep luster.

Foundation sleeve
Fabricated from #16 ga. galvanized steel, with a steel base plate whose square dimension is at least the internal diameter of the sleeve plus 4″. A setting plate 6″ square shall be provided. The setting plate shall be securely welded to the ground spike at least 6″ below the base plate. The ground spike shall be 3’4″ diameter, not less than 18″ long.


Other finishes are available, please contact us for pricing.


Weight 150 lbs
Double mast nautical flagpole sizes and prices

30' x 6" x .188" Double Mast Nautical, 35' x 7" x .188" Double Mast Nautical, 40' x 8" x .188" Double Mast Nautical, 50' x 10" x .188" Double Mast Nautical, 60' x 12" x .188" Double Mast Nautical

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