About American Flagpole and Flag Co.

American Flagpole & Flag Co. was established in 1973. Our mission is to be the world’s premier manufacturer of flagpoles and flags. We strive to accomplish this goal through our commitment to quality products, reasonable prices, and the best service in the industry.

Through our years of experience, we can answer your questions via phone, email or fax.

  • We provide our products and services to:
  • • Corporations
  • • Governmental Organizations
  • • Schools
  • • Banks
  • • Non Profits
  • • Automobile Dealers
  • • Real Estate Developers
  • • Fire Departments
  • • Police Departments
  • • Businesses
  • • Homes
  • • Churches
  • Local Services
  • We provide on-site installation and repair services throughout the Minneapolis, MN metropolitan area as well as the entire state of Minnesota. We have service and installation crews available to:
  • • Install flagpoles including excavation and pouring of footings.
  • • Flag Installation
  • • Flagpole Repair
  • • Move Flagpoles
  • • Flag Installation and Replacement
  • • Rope and Halyard Repair and Replacement
  • • Estimates by Phone and in Person

Our website is a representation of our most popular items. We stock a large variety of commercial flagpoles and carry the most durable US flags for sale. We have many more flagpoles and flag related products available by contacting our customer service.

Please feel free to contact our customer service department with any questions or concerns.

  • Sincerely,
  • Matt Knowlan