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Stationary truck with external pulley

SKU:  TRK - flagpole truck  


Stationary Flagpole Truck

Cast aluminum construction with a cast nylon sheave on a 1/4" aluminum axle.This stationary flagpole truck is desinged to slip over the top of the flagpole and be secured by three 1/4"-20NC stainless steel set screws. The top of the stationary flag pole truck is tapped 1/2"-13NC to accept a ball or eagle finial. Maximum recommended halyard diameter is 5/16".

(*)Select a Stationary truck sizes and prices
Select Dimensions Price Quantity
stationary truck for 1 7/8 - 2" pole $39.00
stationary truck for 2 3/8"pole $39.00
stationary truck for 2 7/8" - 3" pole $39.00
stationary truck for 3 1/2 "pole $49.00
stationary truck for 4 1/2" pole $92.00
stationary truck for 4" pole $92.00
stationary truck for 5 1/2" pole $112.00
stationary truck for 5" pole $112.00
(*) Required Option