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19 foot telescoping flagpole - multi-use flagpole

SKU:  648 - Telescoping multiu  
List Price : $199.90
Our Price : $149.90 
You save : $50.00 (25.01%)


Tailgating Flagpole

The ultimate tailgating flagpole package. When you want a complete flag pole for tailgating this is the flagpole kit for you. This aluminum flagpole is 6 feet long when collapsed and extends up to 19 feet in seconds. Simply drive over the wheel wheelstand , insert flagpole into wheelstand, attach flags and extend the pole.


Flagpole Kit Includes

  • Four section aluminum flagpole with snap lock joints with optional twist lock to adjust height
  • Wheel Stand
  • Ground Sleeve - 14 inches ( for permanent mounting into the ground) 
  • Gold Ball
  • Rotating Flag harness with attachment clips (two flags can be flown at the same time, simply hook flags together)
  • 2 Inch base diameter , 1 3/8 inch top diamter, 7 pounds