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Flagpoles for Sale

Found your American flag? Proudly display it on a variety of flagpoles we have for sale. We have aluminum, telescoping, custom, outdoor and indoor flagpoles all for sale. Each is unique to your display needs and come with specific flagpole dimensions and instructions for an effortless flagpole installation. We have short flagpoles, long flagpoles, and adjustable flagpoles to meet all of your needs. Click on any number of the flagpole links below to get more information.



 Flag poles

American Flagpole and Flag Co. is the nationwide expert in aluminum flagpoles. We have personally installed thousands of flagpoles over the years. When you decide to buy a flagpole, our expertise will help guide you from selecting the proper flagpole to fit your needs through answering questions on the installation.

We carry the largest selection of tapered aluminum flag poles in the nation. From the Florida Coast to the Minnesota cold, our poles are built to withstand the elements. All of our poles can fly multiple flags as well. We carry state flags and international flags as well. We can even make a custom flag for your company or organization.

 If you are looking for an office flag pole we have indoor flagpoles as well. Our presentation sets have been used by the President of the United States, the supreme court and thousands of courts and churches across the nation.